Step 1 Checklist

Many educators and students are heading back into the classroom (or virtual equivalent) this week! With that in mind, use this checklist to make sure your students are completing everything they need in the Inventory process.

Looking for a Step 1 Overview? Check our our previous blog post for a short overview video.

You know Step 1 is done if:

  • The community has been defined
  • Students have completed multiple inventories including one descriptive and one numbers-based
  • The inventories have resulted in a list of strengths and concerns
  • That list of concerns has been analyzed, and root causes (kept within the community) have been identified
  • Students have created a portfolio to save their work

This list comes from our 2020 edition of the Earth Force Educator’s Guide, designed to complement our professional development opportunities. Interested in learning more about our tools and resources? Visit to attend our professional development series.

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