Step 1 Checklist

Many educators and students are heading back into the classroom (or virtual equivalent) this week! With that in mind, use this checklist to make sure your students are completing everything they need in the Inventory process. Looking for a Step 1 Overview? Check our our previous blog post for a short overview video. You know[…]

The Root of A Concern

Gathering data is very important, but what is more important is knowing what that data means. In Step 1 of the Earth Force Process, young people gather information about their community to determine their major strengths, and concerns. Once these lists are complete, it is imperative that young people dig into the root causes of[…]

Digital Inventory Adaptations

Developing quality inventories may look a little differently this year compared to the past. Considering students’ home life, access to the outdoors, and ability to connect digitally all need to be considered. Developing inventories first begins with the educator defining the community boundaries. This helps put context to the Process, as well as a relevant[…]

Respect Agreement

Creating mutual respect among peers and educators is a wonderful way to start an Earth Force experience and the school year. Youth and Adults both contribute ideas of norms they will agree to adhere to throughout the experience. Once consensus is built, hang the respect agreement on the wall or keep in an easily accessible[…]

Distance Learning Supplement

With the world in its current state, Earth Force engaged a group of classroom educators and pedagogical experts to think deeply on how to engage students in Project-Based Learning (PBL) experiences in a distance or disrupted learning environment. The product of this work is our Distance Learning Supplement! Packed full of helpful tools and methods,[…]