Wrapping up Step 1: A List of Strengths and Issues

After conducting inventories, compiling data, and digging into the root cause of concerns you and your group find, it is time to analyze your root causes to come up with a concise Strengths and Issues List. Organizing your key information in this way will help youth make decisions, research policies, and develop sustainable solutions. This
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Digital Inventory Adaptations

Developing quality inventories may look a little differently this year compared to the past. Considering students’ home life, access to the outdoors, and ability to connect digitally all need to be considered. Developing inventories first begins with the educator defining the community boundaries. This helps put context to the Process, as well as a relevant
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Distance Learning Supplement

With the world in its current state, Earth Force engaged a group of classroom educators and pedagogical experts to think deeply on how to engage students in Project-Based Learning (PBL) experiences in a distance or disrupted learning environment. The product of this work is our Distance Learning Supplement! Packed full of helpful tools and methods,
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