April 19, 2017

Youth Voice

Youth voice is core to Earth Force’s mission. In order to lead authentic hands-on, inquiry-based learning, it’s important youth understand that they can contribute to their own education. Use the following tools to:

      1. Better understand youth voice and the levels of implementation
      2. Why youth voice is critical to hands-on learning
      3. How to meet your curriculum needs while maintaining the integrity of youth voice
      4. How to manage 20-30 young voices at once

Hart’s Ladder of Youth Engagement


Youth Voice Tools

What is Youth Voice?
“…supporting young people in taking a leading role in their own education through inquiry and applied learning in partnership with adults.”

How do you implement Youth Voice?
Support youth voice by aligning to your curriculum, creating thoughtful questions, inviting all voice to the table, and listening.

Colorado Youth Engagement Continuum
Colorado’s Youth Engagement Continuum which was adapted from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Colorado’s Community Engagement Continuum