August 17, 2016

Step 6: Review and Share

Step 6 is critical to ensuring students get the full value of the Process and the project they have just completed. This step helps students assess what they learned, what they achieved, what impact they had – even if the result of the project was different than planned – and how their work can be built upon for future impact.

Use the following tools to:

  • Analyze and celebrate their environmental problem solving experience
  • Share their project and story with the public
  • Ensure that there is a sustainable plan for maintaining the project moving forward


This video provides a brief overview of Step Six, Conclude, Review, and Share. 

Step Six Classroom Activities:                                                       Step Six Classroom Resources:
How to Write a Great Success Story                                           Earth Force Project Story TemplateTaking it Public
Looking Ahead
Parting Thoughts and Commitments                                           Step Six Assessment: Reflection