June 23, 2017

Inquiry-based Learning

The Community Action and Problem Solving Process is based on and driven by inquiry. The ability to ask questions is essential to our Process as it makes it possible for the students to learn from each other, make more effective decisions, and build confidence in using their voice. It is also a critical component of effective participation in a democratic society, on all levels of democracy.

Use the following resources to:

  • Learn how to spark inquiry in your students
  • Guide students in using their own questions to uncover answers
  • Create an atmosphere that allows students to learn their own learning through inquiry

Listen to chemistry teacher Ramsey Musllam’s TED talk, 3 Rules to Spark Learning, for ideas on how to bring questioning and curiosity to your classroom.

Inquiry-Based Learning Resources
This article describes how teaching students to ask questions helps cultivate curiosity

Fostering Student Questions- Strategies for Inquiry-Based Learning – Edutopia
This short article from Edutopia provides some tips on developing your students’ inquiry skills

Making Questions Flow
Tips on how the Question Formulation Technique helps students move from passive receivers of information to active seekers of knowledge.

What the Heck Is Inquiry-Based Learning – Edutopia