August 17, 2016

Step 4: Goal and Strategy Selection

You’ve done the research – now the fun continues! Step 4 guides students to determine the project goal (a policy or practice to change) and decide on potential strategies.

Watch the introductory video below then dig into the resources!

Defining Your Goal & Strategies:

Voting and Reflecting

A Note on Distance Learning

In a distance learning environment, challenges may arise. Here are suggestions to ensure success: 

  • Use a video platform (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.) to bring the class together to debrief the major research findings from Step 3. This allows all participants to move forward with the collective knowledge, not just what they researched themselves. 
    • End this call by collectively deciding on the class goal. Your goal should be one policy or community practice that you wish to change. You can vote using the “heads down, thumbs up” method, a poll within your video platform, a Google Form, etc. during the video call. 
    • If project teams are formed, use Trello or Backchannel to keep teams on task and monitor their progress. Your school’s tech team may have other suggestions that are already implemented in your district.
  • Once the goal is determined, allow students to self-reflect on how they want to make that change. Have them submit an essay, pictures, etc. to you for approval. This also allows you to group students together who have similar ideas.
    • We have created an Inspiration of Strategies for Your Change document specifically for distance learning. Provide this to students while they are developing their plan. 
    • Be sure that students are emphasizing the “Ask for Change” strategy category. This helps create sustainable changes and incorporates important civic participation skills.