August 17, 2016

Step 2

This step of selecting an issue, one that students want to address, determines what students will research in preparation for designing and implementing a project. All of the work that follows is based on the choice made in this step. The following tools will help to make issue selection a fun and inclusive process.

Use the following tools to:

  • Learn how to create criteria to make an informed decision
  • Guide students in democratic decision-making
  • Ensure that the issue selected meets your academic needs and is one that can be done within your school’s regulations and policies
  • Select a single issue that students are interested in and it meets all of the determined criteria


This Deep Dive Video will give you a brief overview of Step Two, Issue Selection. 

Step Two Classroom Resources     

A Note on Distance Learning Facilitation: In a distance learning environment, Step 2 will look essentially the same as in the classroom. Students will work together, discuss, and debate the viable issues that have been identified in order to decide on which one to focus on as a group. 

The following tools can help take this discussion and voting process to a digital space: 

Fun Retro: A collaborative organization tool that can help students look at the pros/cons of each issue that is on the table. There are also pre-formatted voting options to vote in a digital manner. 

Google Sheets version of the Issue Selection Grid: A way to take criteria-based decision-making virtual. It works essentially the same as the in-class version and allows all students to voice their own opinions.