August 29, 2017

Civic Engagement

Throughout the Process, youth develop and practice the civic skills they need to participate in a more democratic and just society when they ask questions, conduct research, communicate with stakeholders, and offer evidence-based solutions to local issues. 

The following tools will help students to:

  • Develop questions and plan inquiries
  • Apply disciplinary concepts and tools
  • Evaluate sources and use evidence
  • Communicate conclusions and take informed action

Earth Force Definition of Civic Action Project

Civic Skills and Engagement Tools:

 Earth Force TIPS Cards

Step 3 Resources- Policies & Practices

Finding Government and Policy Information

Digital Civics Toolkit

Civic Engagement Chart

Civic Engagement & Action-Civics Research:

Action Civics in the Classroom

Cultivating Participatory Habits and Civic Responsibility

Action Civic Literature Review

Civic Education and Learning Democracy

Core Principles for Engaging Young People in Community Change

Core Competencies in Civic Engagement

Civic Competencies

Our Friends in Civic Engagement:

Mikva Challenge

Generation Citizen