August 17, 2016

Step 5: Taking Action!

Planning and taking action is an exciting part of the Process! During Step 5, students will develop their action plan with specific tasks and measures of success – and take that plan to action.

Watch the introductory video below then dig into the resources!

Step Five Resources

Student Committee Graphic Organizers

Lesson Plans & Assessment/Reflection Tools

Funding Action Projects

Virtual or Distance Learning Tools

  • Trello or Backchannel: For students working in groups 
  • Kanban: A digital project management tool that is student-friendly. Teams can use this to work through their project progress and hold each other accountable. 
  • Fun Retro: to assess project progress and reflect on the project experience 
  • Kanban is a popular method of keeping track of tasks over the course of a project. You can make a kanban board on Trello, Fun Retro, or even Google Sheets.