August 17, 2016

Step 5

Planning and taking action is an exciting part of the Process. During Step 5, students will develop their action plan with specific tasks and measures of success – and take that plan to action.

Use the following tools to:

Write an action plan to address your project goal and strategy statement
Delegate roles and responsibilities among students
Identify a budget and strategies for securing the necessary funding and resources for an action project



This video provides a brief overview of Step Five, Planning and Taking Action. 

Step Five Resources

A Note on Distance Learning Facilitation: Actually doing the project in a distance-learning environment depends on what the strategies are that students selected. Projects that require students to be together (plantings, clean-ups, etc.) are less feasible now, but there are still many great ways to enact community change. 

We have developed and collected the following tools to help you manage student projects. Check with your school’s tech team for alternatives that are already implemented in your district. 

Trello or Backchannel: For students working in groups 
Kanban: A digital project management tool that is student-friendly. Teams can use this to work through their project progress and hold each other accountable. 
Fun Retro: to assess project progress and reflect on the project experience 
Kanban is a popular method of keeping track of tasks over the course of a project. You can make a kanban board on Trello, Fun Retro, or even Google Sheets.
Step 5 committee sheets that are now fillable (see below): to help small groups execute each aspect of their chosen strategy 

Here’s an example of a project management Trello board:

Lesson Plans & Assessment/Reflection Tools
Writing an Action Plan: A Lesson
Fine Tuning an Action Plan: A Lesson
Committee Work Plan: A Midway Project Checkpoint
Step 5 Midway Assessment

Student Committee Graphic Organizers
Action Planning Sheet
Committee Task Sheet
Committee Budget Sheet

Funding Action Projects
Action Project Funding Opportunities

EPA’s Clean School Bus Rebate