June 26, 2019

Water Monitoring

The Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) helps young people protect the rivers, streams and other vital water resources in their communities. This program merges hands-on, scientific learning with civic action. Participants assess the health of a watershed and develop a sustainable plan to improve water quality in their area.

The kits are sold by LaMotte and are available through a number of catalogs. The Low Cost Water Monitoring Kits are designed to provide a simple, affordable, non-hazardous method of testing well or river water for eight basic water quality parameters: Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, Nitrate, pH, Phosphate, Temperature, and Turbidity. Step by step, diagrammed instructions easily guide the user through each test. If you need to download the instructions for the kits you can use the following links:

Remember that monitoring your water is not enough. Once you have identified a problem in your local body of water it is time to determine what policies and practices have led to this situation and begin to address those issues. The health of our local water resources is everyone’s responsibility.