Happy New Year! Let’s Dig Into Researching

Hi Earth Force friends! We want to wish you a restorative and productive 2021. I left off this blog in December wrapping up Step 2, choosing an issue to work on. We went through various topics, resources, and tools to help make group decisions democratically.

From there, it is time to dig into the issue that you all have chosen to work on. This is a vital piece of the Earth Force puzzle. Without researching the context, history, and key players of your issue, your solutions will likely not be as effective as you hoped.

This can be a daunting task. We suggest focusing on a few topics:

  • Policies (or lack there of) that govern your issue
  • Community practices, which means how people actually act in regard to this issue
  • Stakeholders, or key players who care about this issue

In order to introduce these 3 topics to students, use this introductory activity to kick off!

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