What are Policies and Practices?

Now that research is underway, it is important to contextualize it and narrow down to a few key research topics. We like to structure this in terms of local policies and practices. Policies are rules, regulations, stated guidelines, etc. from a government or private organization. These include items like school dress codes and driving speed[…]

Methods of Voting

Now more than ever, it is important for young people to understand the civic processes involved with voting. As an integral part of our country’s fabric, encouraging youth to get involved and vote when they are eligible is crucial. Voting can be integrated into the classroom in both large and small ways. We suggest beginning[…]

Step 1 Checklist

Many educators and students are heading back into the classroom (or virtual equivalent) this week! With that in mind, use this checklist to make sure your students are completing everything they need in the Inventory process. Looking for a Step 1 Overview? Check our our previous blog post for a short overview video. You know[…]